Marching Band

*Please note: only Yamaha brand Lyres will fit Yamaha Brand Instruments

*PLEASE NOTE: Online shopping is for *SCHOOL DELIVERY ONLY* click HERE for list of districts we regularly visit. If your school is NOT on the list, we DO NOT provide free school delivery and you MUST call us to arrange home delivery 518-482-4405.

Bass Clarinet Lyre
Price: $5.00
Bass Trombone Lyre
Price: $9.00
Clamp on Trumpet Lyre
Price: $8.40
DEG Clamp-on Lyre for Trumpet/Cornet
Price: $11.00
Bass Drum Lyre
This Lightweight aluminum Lyre screws onto the rim on front carried drums. Spring loaded clips hold your music in place. 
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Price: $11.00
Flip Folio Pages
**For use with Marching Flip DEG200**
Five Pages hold up to ten charts.
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Price: $0.45
Flutist's Friend Wrist Lyre
Price: $11.00
Marchin Flip Folder
**Marching Flip Comes with 5 Double-Sided Pages, to order more pages, see Flip Folio Pages $0.45 each**
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Price: $3.50
Standard Clarinet Lyre
Price: $4.50
Standard AS Lyre
Price: $3.50
Standard Trumpet Lyre
Price: $3.25
Standard Tuba/Baritone Lyre
Straight Lyre bends to fit horn. 
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Price: $3.25
Trombone Clamp-on Lyre
Price: $11.00
Trombone Lyre
Price: $7.50
Yamaha Clarinet Lyre
Price: $7.95
Yamaha Saxophone Lyre
Price: $9.60
Yamaha Trombone 2 Piece Adjustable Lyre
Price: $7.50