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Welcome to John Keal Music! A Letter From The Owner:

     "As we roll into our 90th year, I find myself looking back fondly over the past 35 years I’ve spent at John Keal Music. The Keal family gave an industrious, if inexperienced, young man the opportunity to excel in a field that wasn’t even on his radar. Now, when asked what I do, I take great pride in telling people that I have spent my life putting musical instruments in the hands of children. We have come a long way from Mr. Keal’s humble studio on Central Avenue; we have weathered wars, recessions, school music cuts, and changing shopping trends, yet have stayed true to our mission. We have always sought to put the needs of our customers first and provide quality service — to little ones discovering music, to teachers entrusted with inspiring those beginners, and to all of the parents and musicians we have worked with over the years.

     Throughout 2020, we will celebrate with remembrances, special events, sales, and our usual array of petting zoos and community events. I look forward to the many ways we will celebrate this anniversary but, most of all, I look forward to continuing to serve parents, students, teachers, and all of the musicians that have been our partners in this journey " 

-Chris T.

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